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During the SARS epidemic in 2003, a group of scientists and biochemists from around the world joined together for the research of a substance that can kill and suppress bacterias and viruses transmitted in the air.

After years of R&D, this group of scientists had successfully developed this all natural formula utilising biotechnology. This sanitizing substance can kill common bacterias and tenacious viruses, effective to those that adhere to objects or travel in the air. One of the most impressive quality of this substance is that it only kills those that are harmful to living organisms and safe for long-term uses by human and animals. It also contains plant collagen which is proven to be effective for skin repair. In addition, the substance’s antibacterial function works as a continuous antibacterial protective median, repelling all harmful germs when appropriately apply.

In 2009, relevant patents and test reports issued by independent authorities and institutions certified the substance at 99.99% sterilization level with 99.999% prevention level on infection.

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Artelinn arrives to source products that promote healthy, clean, sustainable, human/pet safe, germs-free environment to our customers worldwide.

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Our customers are health conscious; demand only the best products. Our ecological antibacterial products are eco-friendly, additive free, effective and safe. 

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